The Logo Sofa, a modular system that embodies and winks at radical design classics. This contemporary interpretation, symbolised by the organic Lacuna logo, strikes as an elegant yet architectural design.

The sofa’s graphic line design creates a playful seating experience that can be enjoyed in a variety of places, ranging from a home interior to large spaces where multiple sofas are placed side by side.

Thanks to the modular system, this single piece of furniture can take on many different shapes and, accordingly, points to the idea of combining multiple Logo Sofa’s together.


Logo Sofa is made of a soft density polyurethane foam with a flexible coating. Using this technique, the smooth materiality provides a relaxed and comfortable seating experience.

With its unique appearance and relaxed comfort, the Lacuna Logo armchairs invite people to come and take a seat and fall in love with its design.
Designed by Orson Van Beek
Directed by Lars Moereels
3D Campaign by Joep Truijen